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Proceeds from the mouse race are used to fund mini-grants that allow teachers to make innovative, educational purchases for their classrooms.

This year's mouse race will be held at the Genoa Veterans Home on March 11, 2023.
To sponsor a mouse in the upcoming race, visit the donate page!

Thank You, 2020 Sponsors!

Big Cheese Sponsor

Resource Bank, N.A.

Cheese Curd Sponsors

Heartland Bank and Trust Company

Genoa NAPA

Trevor Steinbach


Mouse Sponsors

Audrey Freise

American Legion Auxiliary #337

Andrew Freund and Gang

Bill & Lisa Kuhn

Carol and Dave Quenett

Casey's Employees

Casey's General Stores, Inc.

David Gingerich - Country Financial

Dana Shaffer

Debbie Kuhn

Don and Marcy Billington

Garrick Cline for Mellow Mammals

Genoa Area Chamber of Commerce

GES Staff

Genoa Kingston District Office

Genoa-Kingston Middle School

Genoa Kingston Running Club

GK Student Services

GK Transportation Department

Genoa Veterans Home

Hill's Tap

Jim and Amy Kuhn

Kingston Elementary School

Lana and Michael Haines

Lynn's Carpet Cleaning - Carrie Tucker

Mark Carlson-State Farm

Mason J. McPherson Foundation

Matt Krueger - Krueger & Associates

Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists


Gahlbeck and Pennington Families

Resource Bank, N.A.

Sherry and Gregory Chandler

Sons of the American Legion

Sue and Tim Loy

The Merritt Families

Vet's Bartenders

Wakoh Wear, Inc.

Additional Support

Stefanie Hill

Orrin and Dodie Merritt


The Woodson Family

Race Card

Race 1

  1. Audrey Freise - Charlie

  2. Bill & Lisa Kuhn - Roscoe​

  3. Carol and Dave Quenett - Leandy

  4. Carol and Dave Quenett - ACE

  5. David Gingerich - Country Financial - Mr. Jingles

  6. Dana Shaffer - Munchkin

Race 2

  1. Debbie Kuhn - Dog's Makers Mark

  2. Don and Marcy Billington - Ranger

  3. Mellow Mammals - MouseMellow

  4. Genoa Area Chamber of Commerce - Krilly

  5. Mark Carlson-State Farm Insurance Agency - Jake from State Farm

  6. Jim and Amy Kuhn - Speedy Gonzales

Race 3

  1. Lynn's Carpet Cleaning - Carrie Tucker - Nosy Josie

  2. Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists - Choose Northern Rehab First!

  3. The Merritt Families - The Most Merritt'ous Mouse

  4. Resource Bank, N.A. - Mouserati

  5. Sue and Tim Loy - E-NoZy

  6. Wakoh Wear, Inc. - DEVON

Race 4

  1. OpenDoor - Mocha the OpenDoor Coffee Mouse

  2. Lana and Michael Haines - Bernie

  3. Gahlbeck and Pennington families - J.A.S.K.

  4. Genoa Kingston District Office - Spark

  5. Casey's Employees Kingston - Casey's

  6. Casey's General Stores, Inc. -

Race 5

  1. American Legion Auxiliary #337 - Poppy Pal

  2. Genoa Veterans Home - The Big Cheese

  3. GES Staff - Rhythm and Blues

  4. GK Student Services - Jack (as in 'pepper jack')

  5. Hill's Tap - Three Sheets

  6. Sons of the American Legion - Cheese Fries

Race 6

  1. Vet's Bartenders - Oh Baby! Oh, Baby!

  2. Mason J. McPherson Foundation - M&M

  3. Genoa-Kingston Middle School - 

  4. Kingston Elementary School -

  5. Andrew Freund and gang -

  6. Matt Krueger - Krueger & Associates -

Race 7

  1. Sherry and Gregory Chandler - Forrest, Forrest Gump

  2. Genoa Kingston Running Club - Beer Run

Sponsors from previous events

2019 Sponsors

2020 Sponsors

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